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Technology has revolutionized bookkeeping and accounting in general. New software applications have streamlined financial management. The process is faster, more efficient, more accurate, and more affordable than ever before. All of which are a huge benefit to businesses of all stripes. Especially small businesses. Sadly, most accountants active today hail from another era. They are uniformed about or unwilling to adopt the latest accounting software and bookkeeping tools. Regardless of how beneficial these tools could be to their clients. Insisting instead to remain set in outdated and inefficient ways.

Keystone Accountants, unlike our arcane counterparts lost in another age, represents the future of accounting. From QuickBooks and beyond, Keystone Accountantsnot only embraces the latest and greatest accounting software and booking tools, we master them. And at the same time, we keep an eye on the future. We’re constantly seeking new innovations that increase your business’s efficiency and productivity, while lowering your management costs (keeping more of your profit in your pocket).

Expertise your business demands at a price you’ll love. Your business simply must have detailed, accurate and legally compliant bookkeeping – it’s imperative to long term success. Delivering this requires manpower and expertise. But hiring a qualified bookkeeper to work in-house would take a huge bite out of your profits. Fortunately, you don’t have to.  You can outsource all your accounting needs to QuickBook certified specialists, Keystone Accountants. Our team of expert bookkeepers will handle all your financial management needs. At literally a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Packaging accounting and payroll services saves you money.Other outsourced accounting providers only offer one service, which forces you hire three different vendors. One to handle bookkeeping. Another for payroll. And a third for tax document preparation. All of which adds up to three big bills. Keystone Accountants, on the other hand, packages all three services together.  We’re your one stop accounting and bookkeeping vendor. And we handle all three services for one affordable rate.

Serving your niche – Restaurant Franchisees and Law Firms. Each industry has its own particular quirks and unique requirements. Working with an accounting services provider that understands your business is the key to avoiding the mishaps and misunderstandings that always arise when you’re working with a vendor who has no idea what you do. That’s why Keystone Accountants specializes in serving restaurant franchisees and law firms. We know your business and possess the expertise to deliver the most efficient and effective services of any accountancy in Los Angeles.

Visit our Services page to find out more about our accounting and bookkeeping services. Visit our Contact page if you have more questions or want hire us to handle your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Meet the Founder and Owner of Keystone Accountants: David Malec

David Malecis seasoned accountant with 10+ years of corporate financial services experience serving a variety of companies, ranging from massive entertainment and music conglomerates to boutique hotels, andseveral points in between. While David enjoyed and excelled in his corporate positions, he wanted more. David dreamed of starting his own business, and making that business a tool to help others make their smallsbusiness dreams a success, too.

Driven by this entrepreneurial spirt, David launched Keystone Accountants four years agowith one goal in mind: Provide corporate-level CFO expertise to small businesses who could never afford such a lavish luxury.

And that’s exactly what Keystone Accountants does. David, a CPA candidate, backed by a team of professional outsourced booking professionals, offers small businesses the benefit of his vast experience and considerable practical expertise. All at a fraction of what such an invaluable service would typically cost.

To find out more about how Keystone can help your business, visit our accounting and bookkeeping Services page.

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